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Respawn will premiere its 'Star Wars' game on April 13th

Jon Fingas av ea games gaming

After years of work, Respawn is nearly ready to show what its Star Wars game is all about. Lucasfilm has announced that EA and Respawn will formally reveal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at a Celebration Chicago panel on April 13th. The two are unsur...

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MGM is somehow making a live-action movie about the View-Master

AJ Dellinger av entertainment gadgetry mattel

If you have fond memories of playing with a View-Master as a kid, Mattel is hoping to cash in on your nostalgia. The toy maker is teaming up with media company MGM to produce a live-action film based on the classic stereoscope toy. Details on the fil...

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Medium lowers its paywall for Twitter users

Taylor Hatmaker ev williams Media Medium TC

If you’re not the paying sort, Medium has a mile-wide new hole in its paywall that might interest you. (But really, you should be the paying sort.) On Wednesday, Medium CEO and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams announced that Medium is tearing down its paywall for readers that visit the site through Twitter. In tweets, Williams […]

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Etsy will offset its sellers' carbon emissions free of charge

Christine Fisher 3degrees business carbon neutral co2

Most of us have accepted one-click shopping as the new norm. But what we tend to forget is how much CO2 is generated by that one click. In the US, 55,000 metric tons of CO2 are produced daily as a result of online shopping package delivery, and onlin...

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Michael Cohen's Credibility Has Never Been More Certain

Garrett M. Graff Security

In his testimony before Congress Wednesday, Trump's former fixer gave the most convincing narrative yet about Trump's presidential run.

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